Top 5 Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

What are the top 5 healthy foods that burns the most fat?

Weight Loss
What are the top 5 healthy foods that burns the most fat?
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Best Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

Here we all know that our food intakes or food choice either makes us health or may creates health issues / problems in order to lead healthy life. 80 % of health is totally depends upon on food habits. These best fat burning foods burn most fat and also promotes healthy life.

Here we are discussing about  Top 5 healthy foods that burn fat no more wasting time let’s begin!

  • Handful of Almonds


Almonds in one of the top 5 healthy food that burn fat. Almonds are rich source of vitamin E, minerals, proteins, fibres. Researchers also discover that almonds fulfill one forth of proteins needs and doctors also suggests to consume four to five or handful of almonds daily as it increases brain and memory power, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol level & keep you full for whole day activity as well as it promotes weight loss and you can replace almond milk with cow/buffalo milk in order to reduce weight.

These fat burning foods also promotes healthy and glowing skin as well in ancient time people use almonds for producing cosmetics as it use to make kajal or as eyeliner which is use as organic eye makeup. Handful of almonds keeps us to keep healthy active and lose weight.

  • An Apple in a day keeps away

An Apple in a day keeps doctor away in our childhood we always sing this rhythm and we cannot forget health benefit of apple. And apple is second food in top 5 fat burning foods categories. It contains vitamin c, B complex vitamins, and phytonutrients as well as dietary fiber.

Doctors also suggest consuming an apple as it lowers the chances of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart attack or stroke etc.  As well as it improves neurological health, prevents from dementia as well as reduces risk of cancer and obesity.

  • Banana

banana - top 5 fat burning foods

Banana is third food in top 5 fat burning foods category as it contains lot of nutrients values. Banana is one of the top fruit that consumed all over worldwide. It is low calorie food. It is rich source of potassium and fiber. It prevents from constipation.

You should prefer banana in breakfast. It cuts downs 80 % risk of diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease etc.

  • Flax seeds health benefits for weight loss

Flax seed is forth food in top 5 fat burning foods in category. We cannot ignore health benefit of flax seeds. It prevents from heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. It is effort-full in weight loss. It promotes healthy skin.

It gives relieves from constipation, liver diseases, acne etc. These are quite enough reasons for consuming flax seeds in our daily diet. These are numerous flax seeds health benefits.

  • Eggs daily consumption


Eggs is power house of nutrition such as it contains saturated fat, vitamins, minerals and it also supports weight loss you can have one to two boiled eggs in dinner instead of chapatti and lentils/pulses .

So, these are top 5 fat burning foods which burn most fat. Add them on your regular diet to get better results in weight loss.



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